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Steel tongue drum AM Drum – READY MADE in stock now – TUNABLE hank handpan tank


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AM Drums

READY MADE steel tongue drum – AM Drum – hand-made with love

In stock now – available for quick delivery

Otherwise known as a hank drum or tank drum – similar to a handpan

This listing is for a READY-MADE AM Drum, available now (off the shelf) for swift dispatch.

Tuned precisely to C Major, 440hz (the standard musical frequency). C D E F G A B C

However, it is TUNABLE, so you can adjust it yourself (easily and reversibly) to other scales and frequencies, including C Major 432hz, which is our Chakra scale for meditation and grounding. You can also tune it to a wide variety of other scales in different, lower keys, and can also adjust it to 528hz (or A=444hz), which is the LOVE frequency for healing and DNA repair.

Listen to this musical scale here:



This drum is pre-tuned, precisely and carefully. It is also provided fully TUNABLE, which means you can adjust the tuning/frequency yourself. This gives you a wide/flexible range of scales/frequencies and everything in between. You can always go back to the original tuning again.

It is very easy to do, although we can give you online help and support to guide you, if you need it.


AM Drum pre-tuned to this scale:  C Major ( C D E F G A B C)

Frequency: A = 440hz

TUNABLE: This drum is tunable, which means you can easily retune the notes yourself, to a wide/flexible range of lower notes, scales and frequencies, including 432hz and 528hz.

It is pre-tuned to the scale described, but you can flexibly alter each note individually, either subtly or more drastically, giving you a wide range of different notes, frequencies and scales. You can then revert to the neutral position, to go back to the original pre-tuned scale. It’s very easy to do, and we provide personal advice and guidance, in case you are unsure.

The TUNABLE feature normally costs extra, but as a special offer we are giving this feature for free with this drum.


This AM Drum comes with:

  • A complementary pair of rubber-tipped drumsticks
  • An information guide to the tuning of each note on the drum [in English]
  • A guide to re-tuning the drum yourself (plus online help and support)
  • An ‘aftercare’ guide
  • A free bag is included (this is a simple, hessian, draw-string bag)


To hear more samples of AM Drums, go to:


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More about AM Drums (general info)

AM Drums are steel tongue drums (hank or tank
drums), which are completely made by hand, in our rustic home workshop,
with loving care and personal attention.

Our drums are the perfect instrument to take to a
festival, for playing around the camp fire and/or jamming with friends.
The sound carries a long way outdoors so you’re bound to get attention.
Being made of tempered steel, with a hard protective paint/varnish
coating, it’s tough enough to be taken anywhere.

Ma Rustic has been making steel tongue drums for 10 years and has
perfected the art, so that tuning, form and paintwork are all of the
finest quality.

AM Drums can be playing by hand or with rubber-tipped drum sticks
(provided). Playing by hand usually takes a little practise to get the
right technique (though some people get it instantly), and it’s a
quieter, more personal experience. Playing with sticks produces a
louder, clearer sound, best for busking/performance or recordings.

This video shows a comparison between using your hands and using the sticks:

Here is another example of an AM Drum being played by hand, by a
talented percussionist at a festival (bear with it, it starts slowly):

Why are AM Drums different?

We make all of our AM Drums entirely by hand, including all of the production, tuning and painting. We make them in a rural, rustic setting, in a small workshop.

We sell to sensitive, spiritual people who value the fact that they are hand-made, hand-painted and carefully tuned to precision.

We make them with love, in a peaceful, natural place and we put love into every one.

Our customers tend to be special people who appreciate our personal/careful approach.

See our other listings where you can even design your own drum – completely from scratch! We offer FULL personalisation / customisation, so you can get the instrument that is totally perfect for you as an individual. Please go to our listings and look for ‘custom made’ in the title – or see our Ebay seller profile for details of other ways to contact us for a personal chat.

We are different from other makers, and we are not competing with those who have their drums mass-produced in a factory, where the end result is uniform, plain, bland and rushed (with poor quality tuning).

Karma means you get what you pay for.

I hope you can understand what sets us apart and how we stand by our values.

Peace and light

AM Drums



AM Drums are shipped from France. We deliver worldwide, so if your
country isn’t listed – just ask. If you don’t see your country listed,
just message us first, so we can check the postage price. No countries
are excluded 😀



See our EBay seller profile for links and other ways to contact us.


Disclaimer – AM Drums are made from recycled steel. The shape may
have some indentations in it which originate from it’s original form.

This is just part of your AM Drum’s character and does not affect the
quality or tuning of the instrument in any way

Special thanks go to Dennis Havlena (

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